I love to visit the United States of America and have currently visited 49 out of the 50 States (just Hawaii to go!)

Read my travel journals of cross country road trips I’ve taken through America and some of my travel tips and guides to major US cities…

New York

As the slogan says, I Love NY. I really do. I’ve made multiple trips out there already and can’t wait to return someday…There’s just something about it, an atmosphere, a buzz, an energy…

My favourite US city – I’ve taken 10 city breaks there over the last 15 years!

Read my travel guide here.


Boston is one of my favourite cities to visit in the USA and one I take every opportunity to return to.

Read my guide to this charming and historic New England city here.

Los Angeles

I loved it. I’ve been back multiple times and still love it… I really have no idea why so many people I talk to don’t love it!!…”

There’s so much to this sprawling city.

Read my tips on what to do and see here.

Las Vegas

I wondered how I was going to fill 3 full days in a city of casinos, bars and clubs when I don’t gamble or drink! But as I found out on that visit… first impressions can be wrong and there’s a lot more to Vegas than that. So why go to the party capital of the World if you don’t like to party?!…”

A city I was a little unsure of but came to love.

Read about my experiences in Las Vegas here.


When considering a city break in America, many people think of New York but in my mind, Chicago definitely rivals it for atmosphere, World-class museums, tall buildings, history and sheer amount of things to do. And its setting on the shores of Lake Michigan, one of the Great Lakes, makes it one of the prettiest cities to visit too...”

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“Walking down towards the waterfront, we were shocked to realise just how hilly the city is. We spent some time taking a walk along Seattle’s picturesque waterfront…”

Read about my first visit to the city of Seattle here.


“Although Portland would be our base, we had heard that Oregon state was really beautiful so had made plans to get out of the city too and explore some of the surrounding area…”

Exploring the city of Portland and the surrounding state of Oregon. Read about my trip here.


“After being kitted out with binoculars, we took a short drive and an even shorter hike out to an open field where we stood hidden in the trees waiting for a bear to hopefully make an appearance…”

Ticking off one of the more difficult states on an epic 10-day ‘Alaskan Highlights’ tour starting with a trip to Lake Clark National Park from Anchorage. Read about my adventures in Alaska starting here or find out which parts of the state I visited on my Alaska menu page here.

Denver, Colorado

“We found our way to 16th Street Mall and started walking towards the state capitol building at the far end…but…the tiredness along with the affects of the high altitude of the ‘Mile High City’, made our walk take a bit longer than it should have!…”

I spent a couple of days on a city break in Denver, Colorado, taking a trip out to Rocky Mountain National Park while I was there. Read about my stay in the Mile High City here.

American movie sites

“One of the things I love about visiting the USA is that I never seem to be far from places I recognise from my favourite movies and shows…”

I’ve spent a lot of time road tripping around the USA and have stumbled across a range of TV and movie sites along the way. Read about some of them here.

The Fourth of July

“(With a) tour of the USA finishing in Los Angeles at the very end of June, it seemed like the perfect excuse to stay… and experience the 4th of July celebrations in the USA…I wanted somewhere that would have plenty going on, preferably including a parade and fireworks. Eventually, I settled on the city of Huntington Beach, Orange Count…”

I spent American Independence Day in the OC experiencing some traditional Fourth of July celebrations. Read about it here.

Southern States Roadtrip

Within minutes of meeting my companions for the next 3 weeks, we were all climbing into our mini-bus and being driven by our tour guide across the city to our first stop – Hollywood…

Read about my adventures travelling coast to coast from LA to New York through the Southern states of America on a Trek America trip starting here or find out where I visited on my Southern States Tour menu page here.

Northern States Roadtrip

After… joining the 3-week Southern BLT with Trek America earlier in the year, I couldn’t wait to get on the road again so within weeks of returning, I booked my second adventure with them…”

Read about my second adventures with Trek America, this time travelling coast to coast from New York to LA through the Northern states of America starting here or check out my Norther States Tour menu page here.

National Parks

“We entered Yellowstone… and made our first stop for a short hike to see views over Lake Yellowstone and our first of many bison sightings…”

My favourite thing to do in the USA is to visit its amazing National Parks. Find out which ones I’ve visited so far here.