First things first…

Ok, so a bit of background to start off with… I’m a teacher, a profession which I’ve always wanted to do. But after 10 years, found that my time spent in the classroom doing the teaching part that I love became less and less, and the time I spent sat behind a computer screen – planning, assessing, analysing data etc etc etc – was becoming more and more how I spent my time. So I decided to take a career break, join a few agencies to do some supply work but also to take some time out to travel.

I’d always enjoyed doing city breaks when my workload had allowed it and have used past summer breaks to take a few 2 week trips to the US and Australia as well as shorter city breaks to Europe in the half term holidays but I’d always felt there was more to these places than the cities and I wanted to take the time to see it.

So as well as documenting some of my trips and giving tips for the cities I have visited, this blog will follow my extended trips – both travelling solo for the first time and also planning longer roadtrips with friends to see more of my favourite countries.

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