Visiting TV and movie sets around the World

It’s not just the USA where you’ll find filming locations.

While America is a great place to see locations from all your favourite TV shows and movies, there are plenty of opportunities elsewhere in the World.  Here’s some I’ve come across on my travels!


While spending a few days in Vancouver, Canada, we caught a bus out to the small town of Stevenson, otherwise known as ‘Storybrooke’ in the TV show Once Upon a Time.  Like in Covington, Georgia (Mystic Falls in The Vampire Diaries), the town plays up to it’s connection to the show with some stores permanently changing their name to what they were in the show and the information office providing a free map of filming locations and Once Upon a Time merchandise.  Plenty of other shows film in and around Vancouver including most of DC’s superhero shows such as The Flash and Supergirl.  You can look up locations around the city to visit to see some of the buildings used in the shows and also look out for signs stuck to trees and lampposts indicating that filming will shortly be going on in that area.

Matera, Italy

View across the ‘Sassi’ in Matera

While taking a tour of the beautiful city of Matera in Southern Italy, filming locations for Wonder Woman and The Passion of Christ were pointed out and some of the upcoming James Bond film No Time To Die was also shot here.

Harry Potter locations in Scotland

The ‘Hogwarts Express’ at Glenfinnan Viaduct

On a recent trip to Scotland, I visited the Glenfinnan Viaduct to watch the ‘Hogwarts Express’ from the Harry Potter films zoom across and you’ll find plenty of other Harry Potter filming locations in Scottish capital, Edinburgh.

Australian soap operas

If you’re a fan of Australian soap operas and are on a trip down under then why not visit Home and Away’s ‘Summer Bay’, actually the town of Palm Beach in Sydney’s North Beach area or Neighbours’ Ramsay Street, actually Pin Oak Court, a cul de sac in a Melbourne suburb!

Game of Thrones in Malta

The Mdina Gate is een in season 1 of Game of Thrones

I’d not watched any of Game of Thrones when I visited Malta a few years ago but when I did start to watch, I instantly recognised some of the places I’d visited on the islands of Malta and Gozo, in the first series of the show.  It’s possible to take a Game of Thrones themed tour in Malta or you can look up locations on the internet and visit the locations yourself!

A square in Mdina also used in Game of Thrones

Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings fans should head straight to New Zealand where filming of the original three films and of The Hobbit took place.  I took a locations tour from Queenstown on the South Island and you can also visit the Hobbiton set near Rotorua on the North Island, hike the Tongariro crossing near Taupo to see ‘Mount Doom’ or visit the Weta Workshop in Wellington to see props and costumes from the films.

Read about the filming locations I’ve visited in the USA here.

Have you visited any filming locations around the World? Let me know!

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