Upcoming trip to Munich

So although a lot of my posts will be about trips I’ve been on over the last few years, there’s rarely a time that goes by when I’m not busily planning a new adventure. In fact, I’m currently planning 4! The first of which is a 4 night break in Munich, Germany!

One of the few photos I have from my previous trip to Munich!

I’m a huge pop music fan, especially late 90s/early 00s pop music. And I like going to concerts. A lot. So when I can tie in my passion for music with my passion for travel, I’m a very happy bunny! Just last week, I was in Sheffield on a city break during which I saw Take That in concert and at the end of 2017, I toured the UK seeing my favourite pop band, Steps, all over the country. But this year, I’m extra lucky as my favourite boyband, Backstreet Boys, are touring. Being an international band means the opportunity to see them outside of the UK. Over the years I have not only travelled throughout the UK and been to various cities in Europe to see them but tied in holidays to the USA and Australia with their concert dates just to make my trips that bit more exciting.

So this year, I’m going to a *few* shows, the first of which will be Munich in late May. I’ve been to Munich once before, funnily enough also to see Backstreet Boys in concert, but it was sandwiched in the middle of a 3 night trip also including Stuttgart and Leipzig so we spent less than 24 hours there and had very little time to sight-see. This time, I want to come away feeling like I actually got to know the city.

One of the few bits of Munich I saw on my last trip!

We’re flying hand-luggage only with a budget airline and staying in a budget hotel near the Hautbahnhof. Both were booked through expedia to get loyalty points to spend against future trips as well as through cashback site Quidco to reduce our costs. Our hotel rate includes breakfast and we’re hoping it’s the kind where we can sneak out a bread roll and a bit of cheese or ham to make our lunchtime sandwich too! Food-wise, Germany does slightly concern me – I don’t like German sausage, sauerkraut or apple strudel, my tastes in general are very plain. So we’ll probably end up looking for pizza or burgers rather than trying anything traditional!

We have a segway tour of the city planned for our first day. Segways are something I’d never considered in the past – in fact I thought the idea a bit of a waste thinking you’d be too busy whizzing around to actually see anything or take photos of anything – but since deciding to give it a go a few years ago, I’ve been hooked and we thought it would be a fun way of finding a bit out about the city and getting our bearings. Hopefully we’ll see some things we want to return to and spend more time at over the rest of our trip.

Rather than spending the entire time in Munich city itself, we also have some trips out planned, the first of which is a visit to the ‘Disney’ castle. We’ve booked this as an organised coach trip as getting there by public transport using trains and buses sounded a bit too complicated. This way, we’ll be picked up, taken by coach to the castle, given time to look around, taken to a second castle, given time to look around that one and then be driven back to Munich. At least that’s what the itinerary on the company website tells us. Hopefully it’ll run to plan just like that!

Not only will we not be spending our entire trip in Munich but on one of the days we’re planning on leaving Germany completely for a day trip to Salzburg, Austria. We thought long and hard about doing this as an organised trip vs using public transport and eventually decided to go it alone. We’ve pre-booked special tourist tickets – which were a lot cheaper than we expected them to be – which get us to and from Salzburg station, giving us about 8 hours there which will hopefully be enough to see a few of the main sights. We’re still in the early stages of planning this day and may look up a suggested walking route/one day itinerary to follow.

If you’ve visited Munich – or Salzburg – and have any tips, suggestions, must-sees etc then please let me know in the comments below!

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